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Russell Pool #5971

“I'm so pleased with the product and service experience that Libart has proved to be reliable. I must say that I am really impressed by how they care about their customers’ requests and work on them so quickly. I chose Libart for its high-quality products/services, fast response to questions and requests, a wide product range. It was an excellent service from the quote to the installation, they provided professional assistance all along the way. I would highly recommend their services in every aspect and to work with them again. Many thanks to you!”

Jo R. Ashburton / NZL

Project Name: Russell Pool

US ARMY #4291

Dear Gem,

I mentioned in our previous telephone conversation of last week, the installation of the new retractable building addition structure for the referenced project, fabricated by Libart went extremely well. All of the extremely sturdy components did fit together as designed and operated far better than we expected. The factory finish on the components was of first quality and also exceeded our already very high expectations. Our Government client, that does very sensitive and classified research is ecstatic with their new structure. The whole process from our initial order to the factory supervised installation all went very well. Please thank everyone at Libart for their tremendous efforts to make the unique application of your product for this project the success it was.

Sincerely yours,
Joseph Perez,
AIA Project Manager I Centennial Contractors Ft .Eustis, VA Job Order Contract.

Quality Inn Napier #4353

Quality Inn Napier needed their pool to be available all year. Their initial search resulted in a fixed pool buildings which solved the problem in poor weather, but Mr. Rodney Green’s (owner) wanted a system that would provide the outdoor pool his guests wanted. In his search he found the solution in Libart’s retractable pool buildings.

Project Page: Quality Inn Napier

Latanya Hotel #4428

Now the pool stays cooler in the extreme heat and provides a comfortable leisure area all year long. 32′ high above the ground, this rooftop enclosure with Automatic doors from inside the Hotel to Pool area.

Project Name: Latanya Hotel

Ceylan Hotel #4593

Eagles nest looking across continents. Ceylan Hotel – Istanbul, 30th floor, all glass retractable roof and glass vertical walls for observation and smoking deck.

Project Name: Ceylan Hotel

Water Garden Istanbul #1284

"This Watergarden Istanbul project is one of the crucial projects for our company. We are delighted that we have chosen Libart for partnering with us in our dream. We are working with Libart for many years and together we have done so many projects, but I can say specifically for this Watergarden Istanbul job that Mr. Suat and Ms. Dilek and all the Libart team put their all energy. They crafted the retractable skylight design from scratch and accomplished it until the installation in an excellent way. Libart always proved that they are hardworking and dominant in both engineering and aesthetics of retractable systems and their two successful products that I always recommend to designers and architects are Free-standing and Sola-Glide Retractable structures. The idea of research and innovation is at the helm of Libart where the industry of architectural retractable systems getting benefit with new innovated products. One more thing to mention here is Libarts’ international projects that are making the news in architectural magazines"

Project Page: Watergarden Istanbul 

Designer: GVDS - Görkem Volkan Design Studio


Oncu Wedding Hall #4601

Libart has made such an amazing retractable structure span of 21 meters with a very nice technique and fits its purpose; where we as an engineer and architect were thinking since long time how we could build such a system to Oncu Social Facilities. As a technican; we believe that this structure is a state of the art system. Because the structure is incredibly functional even though it seems very simple looking from outside. On behalf of my company, I would like to thank and congratulate Mr. Cem ÇOMU and his Libart team for their great effort to make them gain us this state of the art structure.

Ali Naltekin Abdullah Naltekin Civil Engineer Architect

Project Name: Oncu Wedding Hall

Legal Sea Food #4587

Legal Harborside restaurant is the new flagship 3-story location on the Boston waterfront for Legal Sea Food. Libart designed and constructed a 30′ x 60′ retractable roofing and folding wall system for their incredible 3rd story lounge.

Project Name: Legal Sea Food

Days Inn Pittsburg #4404

Libart Enclosure Systems is the proud supplier of a state-of-the-art enclosure system for the DAYS INN in Pittsburgh, PA.


Project Name: Days Inn Pittsburg

Moncton Pool #4426

We started this project well over a year ago and are so pleased with the results. The local “buzz” around the community has been very positive, as it is unique within the Maritimes! We have many of our guests inquire about the structure as they would like to have the same at their residence!!! Also, many have commented how pretty it is at night while swimming and looking out at the stars. The structure is not only functional but BEAUTIFUL!! We are quite excited to swim in our new pool while watching the snow fall this winter! Both Pierre and Cem were very helpful through the entire process and prompt in answering any of our questions. We look forward to many happy days of swimming!!!


Project Name: Moncton Pool

Scottsdale Pool #4409

…thanks for your honesty, professionalism, expertise, and sensitivity to the concerns and needs of those working on our behalf with you to ensure this project’s success. The quality and workmanship is outstanding and reflects careful thought and planning to the smallest detail. The knowledge and professionalism of your foreman on site during construction is a further reflection of the care and pride you take in what you provide.


Project Name: Scottsdale Pool

Myersville Retractable System #4328

“Thank you, Libart.  Our enclosure is a delight.  All we had hoped for and more.”

“Before we heard about you we were looking into purchasing property in Florida or Arizona and becoming snowbirds.  Now, for a tenth the cost, we have a tropical refuge in mid-winter, and the refuge is in our backyard, where we fill it with grandchildren and close friends, instead of a thousand miles away where we know no one.”

“Our only regret is that  Libart wasn’t around when our own children were little.  As I’ve already told my two adult sons, we could easily have taken the cash to pay for a pool and Libart enclosure combo out of a 5% refinancing of our home and it would have cost us maybe $200 per month extra on our house payment.  That means that for less money than you pay for membership in a noisy, crowded, summertime only neighborhood swim club, we could have had a year around, safe and lockable home swim and playground for our kids, one that we would have used all the time as well.  Rats!” 

“More specifically, with regard to our own new enclosure, we have owned it only in the dead of winter thus far and we already love it.  The very first day we used it after returning to town from a visit to see a newborn grand daughter it was snowing and 12  degrees F outside.  Four adults and two young kids swam comfortably in the 88 degree water inside our unheated enclosure for almost two hours.”

“In full sun the temperature of the enclosure has reached as much as 53 degrees hotter than the outside air (70 inside, 17 outside).  With outside temperatures around freezing the inside air temperature, warmed only by the pool water (which is now kept at 85 degrees and is covered with a solar blanket except when in use) is 75-85 degrees in full, mid-day sun; 65-75 in partial sun; and 50-60 on densely overcast days.  What is more, these temperatures were obtained during the short days of early-mid February in Northern Maryland.”

“In just a month we have already had 3 weekend pool parties, 5 swim dates for our grandkids, and my wife and I have adopted the enclosure (rather than our kitchen) as the location of choice for our daily cocktail and card respite.”

“On the practical side, my wife and I, both in our 60’s, can slide the entire enclosure open and shut with ease.  This allows us to control overheating exactly as one of your other testimonials claimed it would. The side and end sliding doors work perfectly, the pool light glowing through the blue solar blanket looks every bit as cool as your Bellingham customers said it would, plus the largish area we left around the pool is perfect for sun bathing, locating great looking tropical plants, and for giving my next summers crop of tomato plants a head start.  In fact, we plan on turning the far end of the enclosure into a good sized greenhouse area for wintertime plant storage and starting, while continuing to use the side closest to our house as an entertainment area for guests and kids.”

“All in all we are extremely satisfied, with the installation process, with our contacts with your personnel, and particularly with our initial use of your product.  You are far ahead of your competitors (believe me we checked carefully before buying). In quality, much sturdier, more options and clearly better technology.”

Thank you again.


Project Name: Myersville Retractable System